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Things Are About to Change

Take a deep breath. Ground. Relax all the muscles of your body. Take another deep breath. Repeat throughout the day.

Things are about to get crazy, you‘re probably saying it already is. It’s about to go to another level. The amount of news that will be available soon will cause lots of disruption.

When that happens people that are not aware of how energies and vibrations work will be affected and start acting out. Many people also feed on the Collective Energy because they have forgotten their connection to True God Source Energy. There will be anger and lashing out like never before. People will be projecting their emotions that feed into the collective that is floating around at all times. This will affect everyone, people that are unaware will be affected more.

When things starting happening the Collective energies are going to go ballistic, it’s easier to visualize it like a storm. Keep in mind that probably 60% of people on earth are unaware that they are being affected by this.

It will be imperative that you view it from above that collective space. Picture yourself on a big bird, or up in a tree house or whatever else resonates to you. You are just observing what will be going on. Know that you are pure energy, a part of God. All that needs to be played out, will be. But you don’t have to participate. Just be in observer mode. The way you can assist is to stand in your light, hold the light, and others that aren’t aware of it will see your light at soul level and start doing the same. Do not get into arguments with people do not confront anyone. Stay out of the fray. People are going to be unhinged and unpredictable and lots of them will not be able to be reasoned with. It will be too much for them to process. So leave them alone and offer up a prayer of ease and grace.

Also remember all are on their own path.

Stay grounded, hydrated, in your lane, and use the rose tool at all times. Picture a huge rose 🌹in front of you at arms length, one behind, to the right, left, one above and below. The rose vibrates at the highest vibration on earth and will help neutralize any negative energies that happen to come your way.

Feel free to reach out if you need a one on one session.

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