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Energy Alert 4/14/2022

This is the first energy alert in a very long time, I’ve had to take a step back and really look at everything and take some time. I’ll start with saying that we are indeed in a spiritual battle. Not everyone will resonate with that and that’s fine but I will be writing from that standpoint.

People that are capable of holding the light for humanity are being called to do that now.

Over the last years the timelines have been converging and humanity wants to be on this higher timeline.

It takes focus and our power to stay on it. Some people that are sensitive to energies will feel this timeline wobble. It can feel like a sudden whoosh of vertigo or of suddenly realizing you were spacing out and don't remember the last several minutes. A feeling of not being firmly in this reality and looking around and thinking to yourself that everything and everyone seems strange or you are in a different reality. And you very well could be in a different reality. Not everyone will want to be on the same timeline.

I have read over the last few days from several people that there will be distractions coming up to take everyone's focus off of this higher timeline. The subway attack being one of them.

There have been too many distractions over the past couple of years to even keep track of and it doesn’t matter what they were.

What does matter is holding the vibration and feeling (frequency) of Love; Calm, Peacefulness,

Personal Power, Freedom, and Light.

One way to hold yourself in that higher vibe is to recall memories that filled you with happiness.

Stay firmly grounded and use your personal space.

If you come into contact with anyone that is not in a good vibe see your aura around you in pink and intend for no negative energies to get through it.

As a holder of light you affect everyone you come in contact with within a 40 foot radius, some people radiate out even farther. If you have a hard time staying in the higher vibe, turn off social media and news and keep repeating I am the light I am the love.

The planets are in some very powerful alignments right now. We all need to remember we are powerful creators.

Everyone here agreed to come to this planet at this time in history to preserve humanity.

We are much more powerful united than fighting amongst ourselves.

So ignore the distractions and division the media is throwing out there.

Eyes wide open and stand in your power

I am back to doing sessions, I will be sending out an email soon with those details and kinds of sessions offered.

*Please remember these are my viewpoints and not everyone will agree with them which is perfectly fine

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