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Space Clearing


Yes your house is clean, but is it clear? 


People leave deposits of their energy everywhere.  If you go to work and have difficult co-workers that are always stressed, sad or angry, it can affect your own energy. You then go home and bring that energy with you. Likewise people coming into your home or office space will leave energy deposits if they are not in a great frame of mind.  Most people don’t think about how they're energy actually wafts out from their space and attaches to other people.  Even over the phone or internet when you are talking or connecting with others you are having an energetic exchange. Depending on the persons’ mood and state of mind that you come into contact with, their energy can negatively impact you and then you unknowingly bring that home.


I energetically clear peoples homes, offices, cars and land.  I use a variety of techniques for this. 


You might need a home clearing if:


  • You recently moved into a new space

  • Have had recent guests

  • Disruptions in your home or life 

  • If you are going to have a new person move in or out

  • Your home just feels off.


Your business might need a clearing if:


  • You had a troublesome employee that was recently let go

  • Are bombarded with disgruntled customers

  • Have a lot of employees that are problematic.


I recommend periodic clearings of your space on a regular basis.


Symptoms of needing a clearing:


  • People are cranky, sad, argumentative etc.

  • Items keep coming up missing

  • Frequent bumping into walls, stubbing toes etc.

  • Having an emotion that is not “your normal” i.e: nervous, anxious, sad, angry.


Any of the above might be signs your home or office is in need of an energetic clearing.


This amazing work can be done remotely or in person.



In person clearing of home starts at $120

Remote $88


Fee will increase with additional buildings, or travel for in person.




I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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