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Learn Energy Work


Discover the power of energy healing and transformation. Whether you're looking to enhance your personal growth or begin helping others, I'm ready to share what I've learned on my journey. 

Message me for more information.

Reiki Energy Healing

Open the door with Reiki.  To me this is the starting place for learning all about energy work. Experience the profound benefits of Reiki healing. Our bodies know how to heal but emotional blocks, past trauma or limiting beliefs can get in the way. Reiki can bring your body's essence into alignment so it can start healing emotionally and physically. 


Learn the art of dowsing and tap into your innate ability to detect and balance energy. I will teach you how to use a pendulum to measure your energy, dowse inflammation out of your body, add in beneficial healing energies and more.

Dowsing can also be used to measure the percentage of how well suited a food or supplement is for your body. Dowsing works with the innate knowing of your higher self. 

Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique also known as tapping, is a wonderful way to calm your bodies fight or flight, anxiety, fears or habits.  There are so many uses for it and it can be done anywhere anytime.

Tapping uses your energy points which connect to the meridians that run throughout your body.  The meridians are energy channels which we want to keep clear so we can feel better, balance our moods and think more clearly 

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