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Stand In Your Power

This has been an interesting weekend. Big realizations took place and it always seems to be a co-creation of an instance happening with my daughter. What she is going through brings these realizations to my awareness to clear.

She has dealt with extreme anxiety and panic attacks just as I have. She is EXTREMELY empathic and it has been something that has affected her health-wise for years.

For empaths everything goes through the solar plexus chakra. We feel ALL the energies around us and the collective energies then take them in through the solar plexus and start filtering for everyone. We then become run down have many stomach issues, headaches and extreme anxiety and panic attacks. Unfortunately just being around, or hearing or reading about things will send us into anxiety and filter mode.

Yesterday was the eclipse and full moon. The energies were very potent and it can bring up things that we need to finally be rid of.

My daughter had a sleepless night and nausea, I woke up at 6 am to find out she hadn't slept at all. I did a clearing on her along with some reiki. I gave her anti nausea medication which didn't help which solidified that she was in fact experiencing a full blown panic attack.

After she left for home I got very angry at the collective energies that she was picking up causing her to have to leave.

I went into full blown rage at the energies that many people are projecting and allowing themselves to be used for. People let themselves get swept up into whatever the media tells us to and start projecting. EVERYONE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN POWER. No one should be projecting and expecting everyone to clean up their stuff. We all have to own our own stuff and be responsible.

If people realized how much power and light they hold these things wouldn't be happening.

The divide is great and there are certain factions that want to keep it that way which is why they keep throwing more gas on the fire. We CANNOT be the puppets any longer. WE ALL HAVE TO STAND IN OUR POWER AND IN OUR LIGHT AND SAY NO MORE! We all have to say; I will not be used for division. I will not be used to clean up the mess. I will stand in my power and will not be the effects of what is going on around me. Once we take away the fuel the fire will stop. ONLY when we stand in our power will the fire stop.

For eternity the empaths have been the filters for the world and its time for that to change.

The empaths hold great power that can create change simply by holding our light and standing in our power.

We cannot be victims and be bombarded and powerless because we go into anxiety.

I did a massive clearing for everyone that isn't standing in their power, the empaths or anyone that feels like a victim. If you feel that way, just sit and breathe and repeat the following.

I am NOT a servant of the collective anymore. I will NOT be used. I will stand in my power and light and let it emanate out for others that want to do the same, but I am NOT giving it away or taking in anyone else's energy anymore.

This works best while doing EFT (tapping) or something physical like going for a walk or a run.

I hope to have a video up to follow along doing EFT soon.

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1 commentaire

07 juin 2020

Well said mum!

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