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Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Have you been noticing changes?

in the way you think? Or being unable to keep a thought or memory in your head?

Do you feel like your body is inflamed? Is your chronic physical and emotional issues pronounced lately? All these are symptoms of ascension.

Humanity and the earth are moving into a higher consciousness and reality. But it doesn’t happen overnight, it couldn’t, if it did our bodies couldn’t handle it and earth would be more inhospitable for us. It happens in increments. And we are in one now, then it will level out for 1-2 weeks and start again. Knowing that it is all ok helps. All you have to do is focus on holding and utilizing these high frequency light codes that are transforming and raising us into that higher consciousness. Don’t get attached to all the big dramas , that will just keep you locked into the 3d energies and

that isn’t where you want to be. 3d is being dismantled, and your job is to hold the light that is coming in to move us forward, as you do that, others will subconsciously do the same.

Lots of crazy stuff is coming to light, keep your eyes open and be aware but don’t buy into what is directly being fed by the media.

Yes there is a fight going on, 3D doesn’t want to go, but it’s being dismantled because it can’t exist in this higher vibrational world.

Stay grounded, when you eat; eat as much clean unprocessed food as you can. Bless your food and drink and ask your body to utilize the nutrients and gently discard the rest. Ask your body what it needs.

Keep your aura clear by referring back to my previous post.

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