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Freedom From Old Programs

Do you use food for comfort? Do you eat when depressed, sad or have had a stressful day at work? Do you eat too much of the wrong food and then get annoyed with yourself after?

I have been guided to start a month long program to dismantle and dissolve early programming that has led people to use food for comfort.

I will be working energetically with the group to dissolve these old programs/habits that keep us going to food for the wrong reasons

I will be doing this work remotely and will stay in touch via WhatsApp. I might be incorporating EFT (tapping) and mantras that will be part of this work. These will be sent via the app with instructions.

I will recommend you all journal and give feedback.

The exchange for this month long program is $29.

I like the idea of all of us being able to communicate with each other throughout the month which we can do with WhatsApp as not everyone is on fb.

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