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Ditch the Programming

Lots of interesting things going on astrologically that are adding more tension. Personally I don't like talking or focusing on it too much. But I will say, ditch your programming. Programming is what causes us to act and do and feel a certain way that is really not who we are at soul level.

In every moment, stop and ask, is this really me or is this the programming matrix we are all stuck in. To me the visual I'm getting is thick molasses on the ground and I see shoes attached to the people trying to walk through it and they keep getting sucked back in. The molasses is the visual of the programming matrix.

I can't stress enough how much we all need to keep this in mind over the next several weeks. It will make the difference of breaking out of this jumanji type of energy or staying stuck in it feeling like you are going nowhere.

So it will take some effort on all our parts to really look deep inside ourselves and really see and feel. Time to let of all the past hurts disappointments and negative feelings. There is simply no room to take this old baggage forward. And there is no reason to. No reason to hold onto toxic memories, thoughts and programming. When you hold onto those negative feelings you are polluting our own self by holding all that within you. And when you look around at others remember they are the same as you, their own stories and hurts and programming. Look beyond their face and see their soul. We are moving forward in a very fast paced spiritually evolving time. There are souls literally clamoring to come into body and be a part of this incredibly evolutionary time. So get on with it now and move forward having ditched all the crap that is keeping you in place or stay in the negativity. We all have choice.

Here is a great meditation for you to try:

After breathing and calming for several minutes, see yourself at a train station, really use your imagination and feel the energy of being at the train station, its deserted, you are the only one there, you are on a loading platform outside waiting by the tracks, you have a big open empty suitcase at your feet. You hear the train whistle coming, feel the breeze on your face, hear the birds chirping, hear the sound of the train coming in. Bring to mind every instance that comes up that was a sad, hurtful, negative experience. Place all those instances and memories in the big open suitcase at your feet. One by one place them all inside the suitcase feeling yourself get lighter and lighter. Healing the child, teenager, and adult inside you with every bad experience you put into the bag.

It is now time to place all the negative moments into the case and zip it up. Picture yourself doing that. The train has pulled in and you see the train door open before you. You pick up the suitcase and go place it inside the door opening of the train, You take a deep breath and exhale as the doors close. The train moves on and takes with it your suitcase of negative memories. You realize all these instances were for soul growth and a part of your experience here on earth. You got through every one of them, You are here. You are okay. You are the light. You now feel lighter and calmer than you ever have. You walk away from the station ready to move forward in this new clear existence.

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