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Believe Energy Works


Laura DeCell
Intuitive Psychic Medium

Energy Healing for People, Pets and Places

Next level psychic service.

There is an emotional component that is the starting point to all physical symptoms and disease. 

Energy work can help uncover this emotional starting point so you can begin to heal yourself.

Our thoughts create energy - energy aligns with like energy- keep your thoughts , intentions and hearts in the highest state possible. 


What I Offer

People, Pet and Property Clearing

Specifically Targeted Energy Work

Remote targeted energy work for specific issues such as:

- Anxiety

- Panic Attacks

- Weight Loss and metabolism support



-Home or office that feels "Off"

People $88

Properties $77

Pets $55

This work is done remotely, you will receive a detailed email of what was uncovered.

People, Pet and Property Clearing 


About Me

I was born an intuitive psychic medium and very connected to the etheric and spiritual realms. I was constantly bombarded by the energies and emotions of the places I went and all the people I came in contact with. After battling severe anxiety and panic attacks for 40 years I finally opened back up to the gifts I was born with and now use them constructively.


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Laura is amazing.  I have not experienced energy healing before and I was skeptical about it but figured I had nothing to lose.  I have had issues with my knees for as long as I can remember.  The pain and unreliability of them made stairs extremely difficult, but after one session with Laura I have been walking stairs with no pain.  She also has another very special gift, which allows her to communicate with those who have passed away.  She has communicated with my mom and a friend who passed recently which was unexpected and pretty cool.

Linda G.