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Time to go within

First of all, no matter what you are seeing, know that it will all be okay.

I’ve been silent for a few weeks, lots of energetic activations have been taking place.

It’s important now to be very aware of your thoughts, intentions and energy.

As we are moving into higher states of consciousness, we are seeing the crumbling and chaos around us. The lower vibrational consciousness is falling apart. The only thing we need to do is not feed it. Stay neutral, hold as much light and higher vibration as possible. The more of us that can do that the sooner the lower frequencies will dissipate.

If you are sensitive to energies you will feel these higher energy activations in your body.

  1. sudden bouts of dizziness and nausea

  2. random unexplained aches, sore spots or twinges of pain.

  3. headaches

  4. memory issues

  5. feeling lack of motivation

  6. extreme tiredness

  7. extreme thirst

  8. confusion that comes on randomly

  9. time seeming to slow down or speed up

  10. boredom

  11. the need to be alone

  12. aversion to noise and bright artificial light

  13. sudden mood swings

  14. sudden feelings of contentment, this will happen right after a big activation takes place. Remember that feeling and try to stay in this state more and more.

We are on a fast trajectory into a higher dimension of consciousness and it is physically and emotionally demanding. Life here is not like it was 40 years ago. We have so much evolving to take place in a short amount of time.

Use my 4x4x4 breathing technique as needed when you are feeling overly anxious.

Go outside and sit in the sun.

Get in water even if it’s the bathtub

Bless your food and water before consuming with the intention of it being exactly what your body needs and whatever is not pure in it to be easily excreted.

Get in touch with me if you need to, I’m now ready to again start up individual sessions.

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