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2020 The Transformation

This will be a more lengthy post as there is a lot to cover.

What you are seeing is a separation of timelines/dualities. You get to decide which one you want to be part of, and your job isn't to convince or cajole or pull people along to your truth and what ever timeline you are in.

Most of the people reading this were already in the higher timeline but the Collective (combined energies of the people) dipped down into the lower one after the solstice in June, we dipped back down to give those the opportunity that weren't on the higher timeline to jump on board. We are leaving the 3D behind and moving into a 5D energetic vibration.

Those of us that were already in the higher timeline are going " what the heck is happening?"

Being empathic we feel it more. Know that as soon as we have enough people jump out of the lower timeline things will start to upshift again.

I'll explain it more:

Unfortunately there are many wounded people that haven't successfully moved out of their baggage and programming. They haven't realized their power. These people are feeling more familiar with the division and this lower timeline. These people haven't understood that they are to merge their soul with their body. They are enveloped in the division that is going on, being played out for all to see. But by staying in the division and getting loud about it they are not going within, not seeing what is inside themselves that needs to be acknowledged, healed and forgiven. They are letting themselves be distracted and losing themselves to the collective energies, essentially feeding the energies of this lower timeline. Know that many of us have had dozens if not hundreds of lifetimes and we have all experienced duality being both the "sinner and the saint". So by acknowledging and forgiving ourselves for all the roles we played in all lifetimes we will not be triggered anymore.

It is time for everyone to take responsibility for their energies and where they are projecting them. You are only responsible for yourself and your actions.

Its time for people that are feeding it to pull the plug. Because it will keep getting more chaotic until people understand this concept and start healing themselves.

Its not about who's right and who's wrong. Its about knowing our power and that everyone creates from their power and energy. And we can use our power to change things simply by merging our soul with our body.

The universe responds to our energy and vibration. If you are vibrating low there will be more low vibrational stuff in your reality, if you vibrate high you will create more high vibrational stuff in your reality.

So remember you are sharing the planet with others and its not about your ego and being right or wrong. Its about shifting the energetic vibration.

We all came here wanting to be part of this time in the history of the planet. We had one goal, to see the transformation of separation to whole. Separation of ourselves to finally merging our soul with our body and consciousness.

There will be some that aren't ready for that in this lifetime and that is ok. Again, not your job to change that. But the main experience here is to become whole with our body and soul. Merging the two and being able to communicate what the soul wants with our mind and heart.

If you are a Lightholder stay in your light. thats all you have to do. Others that want that same experience will be drawn to that and emulate it. They will take themselves out of the lower timeline and stand in their light also. We hold a tremendous amount of power that we aren't even utilizing yet.

What are you noticing?

I always know when big Energy Shifts are happening because I get really tired and will just nod off while sitting on the couch and I usually experience a headache for a couple days. Others might have a short fuse or anxiety and a feeling their nervous system is plugged into an electrical outlet.

What can we do?

Get outside and take time to honor yourself everyday. Listen to your body and get in the habit of asking it what it needs. Soak up the sun rays because they contain so many transformation codes to help.

Try to slow down your pace, walk slower, talk slower, do daily chores slower, obviously we are all busy so you don't need to go into snail mode, but by just noticing and being in the moment of whatever you are doing will automatically calm your nervous system.

Relish the loved ones in your life. Be grateful you have found people you love and who love you. Cherish these relationships and know they are on their own journey and honor your differences.

Send a blessing into your food and drink before eating, asking your body to integrate what you need and quickly and easily eliminate what it doesn't.

Ground outside everyday. You've probably been exhausted so rest when you can.

Do your inner work. The inner work that would normally take months or years to work through can be done in days now. Thats how much assistance we have now.

Ask your Angels and Guides for help, they are ready and eager to assist! You need to ask as this is a free will planet.

Please get in touch if you need help, I have 2 session spots available per week.

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